I have no friends! Danilo Medina who??? I am the trashman! I am Luis Asilis of Lajun Corp!

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Dominican Republic.- The head of municipal affairs of the major opposition party (PRM) on Wednesday accused president Danilo Medina of backing Lajun Corp. with his “attitude of indifference” to the garbage crisis, because that company’s owner and he are friends.

Waldys Taveras said only the close ties between Medina and Lajun CEO José Luis Asilis could allow that company to operate illegally, violating sanitary and environmental norms.

“Only with the support of president Danilo Medina, can Lajun Corporation have as head of operations a high ranking military officer of the Dominican Navy. The Environment Ministry allow this company to operate without the environmental license,” said the PRM leader.

Taveras also called “incomprehensible” the Justice Ministry’s lack of action on the Chamber of Deputies Contracts Commission report that the alleged sale of the land where the Duquesa landfill operates didn’t even pass through Congress.

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  • November 20, 2017 at 9:39 pm

    Who are you Asilis? Here is what I found online.

    Teléfono (809) 689-9000 or
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    Perfil de la firma

    Con el liderazgo de su visionario Director Ejecutivo, el Dr. Luis José Asilis, Group Metro ha desempeñado un papel fundamental en dar a conocer a la República Dominicana como uno de los principales destinos turísticos del Caribe.

    La principal agencia de viajes y la línea de autobuses interurbanos de Group Metro brindan un servicio de primer nivel y se esfuerzan por superar constantemente las expectativas. Los proyectos inmobiliarios de lujo de la empresa, desde su emblemática propiedad, Metro Country Club, hasta los complejos en condominio frente al mar (Costa del Sol, Marbella, Costa Blanca y Las Olas), han captado la atención de los inversores de todo el mundo y han atraído a nuevos residentes a la República Dominicana.

    El punto de referencia del éxito de Group Metro se encuentra en su estrategia: una actitud de esfuerzo superior en lo que respecta a su empresa y sus empleados, y en su misión: cumplir con sus promesas, mientras se descubren nuevas maneras de crear servicios indispensables para sus clientes.

    Su gama de servicios de categoría superior, con precios accesibles, atrae a una amplia variedad de clientes. Group Metro representa el punto máximo de la confiabilidad y la excelencia, ya sea para encontrar a un lujoso residente costero para un comprador local o internacional, para planificar viajes para que una familia disfrute de viajar por todo el país o para trasladar a los visitantes de una localidad a otra.
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    Dr. Luis José Asilis

    Jose C. Lorenzo

    Luis José Asilis Cortina

    (Santo Domingo)
    Teléfono (809) 227-0101
    Fax (809) 476-0974

    Teléfono (809) 689-9000 or
    (809) 526-1200
    Fax (809) 227-6449

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    Teléfono (809) 689-9000 or
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    Fax (809) 227-6449

    METRO TOURS (Santo Domingo)
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    Teléfono (809) 689-9000 or
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    METRO TOURS (Santiago)
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  • November 27, 2017 at 12:58 pm

    Astrid Salazar Paiewonsky, General and Oncology Surgeon.

    I believe DR Is one of the most corrupt countries in America. I have been living there for over 30 years now, and all I can see is that politicians get away with anything they want. Narcodealing is everywhere; mysterious things happen one day, and the next, all is forgotten. The island has EIGHT international airports (go figure…) where drugs can come in and out. You see military with the most expensive cars their salary could not possibly buy… Politicians are gross !! They get away with anything and don’t you ever question them! Go figure the rest…. It is a pity because it is full of nice people too !

  • November 27, 2017 at 12:59 pm

    Leandro Cruz, studied at Fordham University, B.A.

    The most corrupt, in my opinion.

    The United States recently indicted Odebrecht, the Brazilian construction giant. In that indictment, Odebrecht admitted to giving bribes in the amount of 92 million dollars to Dominican politicians in return for their winning bids for 17 construction projects since 2001 to present. There were other Latin American countries involved in which the same bribes occurred. The DR received more money for bribes than the majority of the other countries but has not indicted anyone. Yet in countries like Panama, Peru and Columbia, for example, most of the guilty parties who received bribes are in jail or being indicted.

    The DR was so comfortable for the Brazilian construction giant that they set up shop here for their bribery operations according to Odecbrecht officials.

    Most of the projects constructed in the DR were overpriced by 2 or three times. The cost of building a kilometer of road in Germany, for example, costs the DR three times as much.

    In return for the bribes, Odebrecht assured that they would win in the bidding process. Although other companies were charging much less. guess who won the bids. Most recently, Odebrecht officials in return for a lesser sentence began detailing how dirty the DR has been in the corruption area. For example, there is word from high ranking officials that they paid for the presidential campaigns of various Latin American countries, including that of the Danilo Medina, who is the current president.

    In my opinion, the problem in the DR is that the country hasn’t been a “democracy” for long and still clings to it’s dictatorial ways of the past and corruption is in their DNA and it’s looked upon as normal. With such a young democracy the three branches of government don’t work as they are supposed to – each checking on each other. Instead of being a check, they work only for those in power. Thus the PLD party has the judges, the congress, the senators and the attorney general in his pocket, which is why no one has been indicted, as has been done in all the other countries affected. Nor has the attorney general gone after project overpricing, which is a lot more money involved than the 92 million in bribes paid out. For every million in bribes paid, Odebrecht would charge 10 million in overpricing in order to get their money back. All this on the back of the poor people of the DR because this was paid by the people via the taxes they pay to the government.

    The only section of the country that they don’t have in their pockets are the people. Because primarily of social media, the people are starting to learn about Democracy and are taking to the streets to protest. There have been huge protests in the National District as well as in Santiago, the second largest city, and most recently in Puerto Plata in the north. More protests are planned by grass roots march organizers called La Marcha Verde. The government has tried to dampen their voices by buying radio ads, buying journalists and newspapers or saying that it is a political movement to destabilize the government. Mr. Medina has tried to cover his participation in the biggest project that Odecbrecht has taken part in -the Punta Catalina coal plant. He commissioned a commission to investigate Punta Catalina. The problem is that everyone on that commission has a conflict of interest that would preclude them from being honest about the outcome.

    The country is broken because of corruption. Had it not been for this deficiency, this would have be a very prosperous country. Every year the central bank has said that the economy has grown successively by about five percent each year.


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