Costa Blanca By Metro Ripoff!

Dr. Luis how do you explain the following link?  It appears that you owe a tremendous amount of money to people.

I Do.

How are you going to make people whole on Costa Blanca?


Or how do you explain this post?


That doesn’t work.  Boycott the Dominican Republic, Group Metro Group of Companies and Dr. Luis Asilis!

Need more proof.


2 thoughts on “Costa Blanca By Metro Ripoff!

  • November 27, 2017 at 1:03 pm

    Esteban Joel Duverge Medina, worked at Banco Dominicano Del Progreso (2014-2017)

    I believe that the word “corruption” can’t actually describe how corrupt the Dominican Republic is. One of the main problems is that dominican society sees corruption more as a custom than a problem. I would say that corruption is as much part of Dominicans as baseball is, which is a terrible thing to say.

    Asilis, never heard of the pip-squeek, but if he is like the rest, he is an awful and crooked man.

  • November 27, 2017 at 1:04 pm

    Alberto Cano., lived in Dominican Republic

    Corruption is build in into the Dominican frame of mind. In any business that you do in DR you have to take into account the bribes, kickbacks and bonuses you will need to spread around in order to get your project started otherwise you will hit your head against a bureaucratic stone wall that will kill anything you try to develop.

    And this is not just at the low level, this goes all the way to the top as shown by the recent scandal with the Tucano planes (Dominican Republic Arrests Four Accused of Taking Embraer Bribes )

    The government turns a blind Eye on this as many high ranking officials and elected officers that have being signaled out for acts of corruption bankroll the ruling party’s candidates. Plus they have control of the high courts and can kill any corruption case that is raised by the civil society.


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