Costablanca, Group Metro’s billion dollar bust has been sitting vacant for over 6 years.  It is time the professionals were brought in to sell it, as Group Metro can’t seem to sell it themselves.   Here are a couple of links to the better companies covering the Dominican Republic.

Sell or buy your real estate here!

Sell Costablanca Here!

Or Sell Costablanca Here!

What ever I do, I just can’t seem to sell Costablanca on my own website here.  Maybe it is because I come from a long line of bus drivers.  Maybe it is because my father started Metro Bus and I am just not as bright.  Though I am quite good at taking money and creating digital pictures.  Oh, there is some truths, I have been successful with Marbella and the Metro Country Club.  Well I did sell that to the Russians!  Ah, the love for my country it knows no boundaries!  My time as an entrepreneur has really been a love letter to my country.  Oh Dominican Republic!  We were made for one another, I’m a bit of a crook and well Dominican Republic you are one of the worst countries to do business.  And if that wasn’t assistance enough the legal system is the most corrupt in the world.  Friends!  Anyone of you with a little extra investment money, I’m always glad to regale you in my past glories from my big red chair!

DR A. – Inglorious Bastard



  • November 27, 2017 at 1:12 pm

    Misael Fortunato,

    I am Dominican. I was born there, grew up in the US. The corruption here is so bad that you can bribe people for anything.

    There is so much corruption here because there is so much poverty here. Our economy is stable but unforgiving for the poor, and there are a LOT of poor people here. (I’d say they make up half the population though I can’t say for sure, I don’t live here.). So basically, poverty is the reason for all the corruption. Most of us don’t have heated water(not that we need it, it is HOT here). Its hard to find a good job to maintain your family and have a nice house and some of the other things we take for granted in the US. So people have to resort to bribery and other, more shady methods.

    I’ve visited DR a few times and when I asked my dad about it, he said something about a lot of Dominicans being descendants of pirates and slavetraders and other people who sailed the Caribbean when America was discovered.

    So it’s kinda in our blood(not that I’m proud of it)

    I know this Mr. Asilis and his son, in particular. In business the dad is a mother-fucker! He has multiple body guards to protect him from harm, likely deserved, I am sure. The whole business climate is a mess of corruption and they are no different. The son, oh boy, privileged! He used to play golf, went to school in Florida, playing golf, not a bad player not great. Works for his dad know and he is expected to act like an adult, but mainly he is treated like a child. Not too sure if he knows how truly evil is father is, wow! What a mother-fucker that Luis is! I can see why this site is up and running, and I am sure there are many more sad stories created by this mother-fucker and his developments. What a prick! Sorry for swearing.


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