U.S. to Become First Police State – Editorial

Civil Liberty No More – 50 Tragic Las Vegas Deaths

It appears the Dominican Republic will not become the first police state, after all.  In the wake of the tragic Vegas Shooting, it appears the United States will take that honor from the Dominican Republic; the island nation widely recognized as one of the top ten most-corrupt and top ten most-dangerous countries in the world.  As the U.S. deals with massive loss of life and injury (50 deaths and over 400 injuries) there appear to be no answers, neither are there social truths or great mysteries revealed by senseless violence and pointless death.

History will view this moment in time, as the precursor, the event that changes the way civil liberties are treated in the United States.  Exploitation of the system is inevitable, as are the days of mourning ahead.  There will be calls for more weapons, less weapons, and general political pandering that will likely result in very little being sacrificed.   The death of civil liberties will be to the gain of metal-detector manufacturers, hotel/venue/general security and the government’s own desire for ever-increasing surveillance.  This is the moment when being first-world, looks a lot like being third-world, but the truth is the United States is hurtling towards a fifth-world view, to be paid for by the skrinking-rights of its citizenry.



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