US$2.1B DR power plant scandal lingers

Dominican Republic tenders energy as scandal lingers

Oct 1/2017

The Santo Domingo committee which will expedite a power purchase agreement (PPA)  received the tenders from a dozen power companies, which also submitted their economic proposals in sealed envelopes.

This comes on the heals of a lingering scandal over alleged cost overruns -from around US$900.0 million to US$2.1 billion- in the construction of the Punta Catalina coal-fired power plant by  Odebrecht, which admitted to paying US$94.0 million in bribes to Dominican govt. officials to secure public works contracts.  

Here is a copy of a power plant proposal.  Rio Higuamo Project 2016

In that regard, National Competitiveness Council executive director, Rafael Paz, in s statement said that a public-private action plan is needed to reverse those results immediately, given the effect of the situation on the country’s business climate. “From the Dominican Government we have the commitment to take the corresponding steps to achieve it.”

These two ideologies (Dominican scandal and the pretext of Dominican justice) cannot coincide in a functioning society.

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