A Riddle Wrapped in an Enigma, Wrapped in Palm Leaves and Coconut Fronds.

This is a Call to All Sleepy Dominican Republic Entrepreneurs!

As a man, Asilis is very generous with his advice and time.  He graciously allowed to be interviewed; and in doing so, the real-leviathan-of-an-entrepreneur shone-through. He is multi-faceted: unsure, sleepy, questioning, animated, controlled, to the point, along with obtuse, razor-sharp, pensive, predictable, but mainly relaxed in a big red chair.  


Well another source of valuable financing just dried up for me!

My dear friend President Robert Mugabe seen here inspecting an honor guard at a Heroes Day event held at National Heroes Acre in Zimbabwe in August. Credit Jekesai Njikizana/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

The rapid fall of Zimbabwe’s president, whose legendary guile and ruthlessness helped him outmaneuver countless adversaries over nearly four decades, probably has surprised no one more than Robert Mugabe himself.  He really wasn’t that bad.  He reminded me of my father.  For years, he was so confident of his safety — and his potency — (sound like me).  I love Miami!

In just a matter of days, Mr. Mugabe, will no longer be a source of financing for my own real estate and empire building projects here in the Dominican. Too bad, he has largely been stripped of his authority, clinging the presidency.   I wish him the best.  He reminds me of myself.   Maybe this is  “just a difficult patch,” he gave no sign that he recognized, or accepted, how severely the ground had shifted under him in such a short time.  I hope this doesn’t happen to me and my family business enterprises.  I would hate for the people of my country to really learn about me…..

You owe investors tens of millions of dollars.  How do you sleep at night?

Very well.  AND I have four body-guards with me at all times.

How did an entrepreneur like yourself get started?

I was an actual doctor, then I became an entrepreneur.

Who started Group Metro?

My father was the real genius behind the business.

Any favorite developments that have failed? 

Costablanca, it has beautiful beaches and golf course areas.


Why did it fail?


We tried to create the Rio Higuamo Project, from its ashes.  The Rio Higuamo Project, originally known as Costa Blanca, was intended as a proposal to comprehend a beach and golf community.  However, it could not be developed and for this reason there are unfinished works.

What unfinished works?

Any favorite development that was not well received by the investment market? 

The RIO HIGUAMO PROJECT.   The project mixed different concepts of real estate, energy generation through renewable primary sources, receipt and decompression of natural gas and industrial production by means of free-zones.  There is no other project in the area which includes these areas or economic sectors.

What is there now?

Same thing as before.

Why did it fail?

Look at the business plan.

Rio Higuamo Project 2016

You have a list of companies.  Are some more successful than other?  

OH, YES, YES, Si!  Groupmetro.com

Of course, they all look equally successful on your website.  But we know that is not true.   But you are talented with computer-generated images!


Much of my success can be directly attributed to Group Metro Computer Generated Images!

Can you Explain this video?  

This is how I spent $142 million dollars!

Group Metro Propaganda Video from 2010-2011.